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Jennic Property Solutions - Kernersville Property Management

Jennic Property is a full service Property Management Company  servicing the Triad area.

            All properties are marketed in order to get the best results in the quickest time.  All marketing is tracked to better improve futures marketing strategies.

  • Multiple Listing Service

All homes are entered into the MLS within 24 hours of signed agreement.
This allows all Triad Realtors access to the properties.

  • Internet

Today the internet has become the most widely used source of searching for real estate information.
We post all rentals in a number of websites such as:

Craig’s List; Trulia; and others

  • Yard Signs

A sign is posted in yard which is one of the most useful marketing tools out there.

  • Lock Box

A lock box is placed on properties for easy access to all Realtors to show the property.

  • Photo’s

Photos are taken of both the exterior and the interior and used for internet postings as well as flyers for the home

  • Relocation Departments

Flyers are sent to relocation departments of major corporations to make them aware of available properties.


Our Role as a Property Manager

            To protect and preserve our clients homes to insure that value and condition of our clients home increases and not decreases while the home is being rented.

            We manage the property by marketing the home when necessary, show the property, screen potential tenants, negotiate the lease, collect rent, schedule maintenance when needed, keep accurate and up to date records and provide monthly statements to our clients all while keeping up with communications with our clients.

            Marketing – Listed on the internet, sign in yard and flyers to corporations are just a few of our marketing techniques.

            Showing the Home – Qualified Realtors from our office or a well trained administrative assistant shows the property and gives feedback to owner via e-mail.

            Screen Potential tenants – Thorough screening is completed with the use of a criminal background check, credit check and eviction report.  Calls made to employers to verify employment and salary.  References checked as well.

            Negotiate the Lease – Occasionally a tenant will offer less than what the property is listed for and also the terms may vary from tenant to tenant.  We negotiate to get the best price and terms for you the owner.

            Collect Rents – All rents are collected.  We offer to tenants ACH for easy payment of monthly rent.  All rents due to office by the 5th of each month.  It not paid by the 10th of the month a Late Notice goes out via e-mail and Postal Service.  If not paid by the 15th a second late notice goes to tenant.  If not paid by the 20th an eviction will be started.

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Maintenance Request Form

Problem / Needs Fixing:
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             Property ManagementSchedule Maintenance – Tenants call or e-mail the office to notify us of the maintenance issue.  We will schedule an appointment for the maintenance person to visit the property and assess the problem. 

            Accurate and Up-to-Date Records – Each property has a ledger card and all rents and payments are recorded monthly.  Receipts are sent to owner for tax purposes. Owners are kept informed of property condition.

            Monthly Statements – Statements are sent via e-mail on or about the 10th of every month.  Year end statement will be sent along with 1099 in mid January.


Property Management Fees

We believe that service should not be based on fees charged.  Our policy is to provide our customers the best service for the lowest fee.

Our fee is 10% of the gross monthly rented collected regardless of the rent.  There is no minimum monthly fee and there are NO hidden fees such as administrative fee, marketing fee or maintenance fee.


General Information

            There are many factors that determine the monthly rent including location, property condition, current rental rates for the competing homes in the area both for lease and already leased properties that have leased in the last 6 months.  We take great pride in setting the right rental rate for your home.  We do this by searching websites to see what rates are for the area, the MLS for comps for the neighborhood.  Once gathering all this information is complete a price is determined and a suggested rent is communicate to you the owner.

            Evictions are a necessity every once in a while.  Although it is never a pleasant task to do, sometimes it must be done.  Our office handles every facet of the eviction from filing the paper work to appearing in court on your behalf.  We handle the entire eviction and keep the costs as minimal as possible for the homeowner.

For more information and to find out what how much your investment property can give you every month, please call one of our experienced Property Managers at 336-310-4348.

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