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Jennic Property Solutions Seller's Guide
Every home is different, and each seller has unique requirements and goals. We want to help educate and prepare you for selling your home. From the pricing of your home to painting your door, there are many things you can do to maximize the selling potential of your house. To help you get started, we have put together a collection of pages we call our Home Sellers Guide. We have broken down the home selling process and provide you with insight to each step.
For more information on anyone of the topics below please contact one our experienced brokers

Home Seller Tips
You want to sell your home, and you want to get the most for it you can.


Seller's ResourcesSeller's Resource
This section includes resources that you will find useful as you take your steps through the selling process.  

Moving Checklist for Sellers
Whether your moving date is two weeks or two months from now, here is a checklist to help...

Transfer or cancel all relevant accounts, records and/or services, including:
    Cable, telephone (landline and cell phones), newspaper, and lawn services
    Mail delivery-Change of Address
    Update your contacts with your new address
    Bank accounts and safe deposit box
    Insurance policies, including property, auto and medical
    Security Alarm Company
    Voter registration
    Physician, dentist and other medical providers (make sure to have at least two weeks of prescription medicine on       hand for the duration of your move)
    Veterinarian, if applicable
    Health clubs
    Your children's schools and daycare centers
    Utilities-including electric, water, sewer, gas and trash pickup

Separate everything you will and will not be taking with you.

    Make a list. If you are hiring a moving company, catalog your valuables (take pictures if possible).
    Consider renting a movable storage unit. They can be loaded and stored off location during the sale of your home. .
    Now is the time to purge. Decide how you will be getting rid of unwanted items.

Get packing! Collect boxes, tape, bubble wrap, newspapers, garbage bags and markers - or let your movers do it.
    Disassemble furniture and pack all of your fragile household items.
    Schedule movers
    If you are hiring a moving company, keep a completed bill of lading until your possessions are delivered to your new home.
    Recycle flammable materials or containers that may leak, acids, cleaning fluids, matches, paint, etc.

Take care of all last-minute details.
    Have your car serviced if you are traveling a long distance.
    Arrange hotel or other accommodations.
    Make plans for pet care and/or lodging, if applicable.
    Check all closets, cabinets and rooms one last time to make sure you haven't left anything behind.
    Make sure all systems and lights have been turned off in your home before you lock up.

Be sure you're prepared for settlement.
    Plan to maintain homeowner's insurance for 2-3 days after settlement.
    Leave appliance manuals, warranty information and spare keys in the house, or bring to settlement.
    Make sure the house is "broom clean" and all trash and debris - including any in garage and attic – are removed prior to buyer's final walkthrough.
    Bring driver's license or other form of photo ID to settlement.
    If you are in a condo or co-op, be sure to schedule your move well in advance. Check your condo/co-op docs for moving rules and restrictions.


Setting a PricePricing Your Home Right with the Help of Jennic Property Solutions
The price of your home can play a big part in how quickly it sells. Learn about the pricing.

Pricing a home is not an exact science. Your home’s value is only as good as the price a qualified buyer is willing to pay. The keys determining home prices are:
The condition of your home
Competitive pricing of comparable properties offered for sale
The local market conditions
The pricing and terms under which your home will be offered for sale

You can largely influence two of these factors. Make sure your home has great "curb appeal," and the interior condition of your home is presentable and well-maintained. Try to look at your home objectively. Your real estate broker can make strong suggestions about refurbishing and remodeling, and can let you know the relative return you can expect from your investments.

The Price

The price needs to be:

Realistic enough to encourage a purchase agreement from a buyer
In the range of comparable home sales and current competing listings

Setting a price too high could delay a sale. Your real estate professional can create a written market analysis documenting the value he/she suggests through comparable sales and listings. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer who is comparing your home to others currently for sale and make sure your price is competitive.


Bids and OffersBids and Offers
As a seller, learn about these easy to follow guidelines when responding to an offer on a home.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, consider the sale of a home as a transaction beneficial to both parties. Very often buyers and sellers become emotional, feel slighted or even offended if neither party makes responsible and realistic offers. For all purposes, this is a business transaction that requires multiple parties and often outside services and financing. The "other" services require more time than most people think, but the key to moving the entire process along is an agreement, legally binding, between the buyers and sellers of homes.

Price goes a long way in determining how quickly a home will sell. An agent representing a buyer that is interested in a home must present an offer to your agent regardless of the amount offered. Take an offer seriously, and don't get offended if it is below the price you are asking. You can always negotiate or reject an offer. If you have multiple offers you do not have to accept the higher offer. Some terms in another offer may be more important.

Sellers wish to avoid the threat of litigation following the closing. The best way to accomplish this is to complete the Seller Disclosure Notice accurately and thoroughly by providing full answers to the questions asked. A frequent claim by a buyer in post litigation closing is that the seller either failed to disclose material information or was misleading in describing some condition of the property.
As a seller, use the following guidelines:

Let your Realtor do the negotiating.

Look at all offers seriously.

Don't get emotional over offers.

Be open-minded to all buyers of homes.


Selling ProcessSelling Process

To help you get started, we've outlined most of the key steps to selling your home and detailed the ways that we can provide assistance.

Prepare to Sell
As you get ready to sell your home there are usually some simple improvements that can help you get the most for your house and sell it quickly. Our sales professionals assist with the sale of thousands of homes every year and can help you focus your effort on the things that will make a real difference to buyers. Have a look at our home seller tips and our home preparation advice. 

Learn Its Value Before You List
Setting the right price before you list is critical to getting the most for your home and selling it quickly. Having a professional with experience in your neighborhood prepare a "Competitive Market Analysis" report, gives you the facts and insight to set the right price. We offer a CMA free of charge, without obligation, that you can request online.

Choose a Professional
A great agent helps you better understand the selling process and gives you a number of advantages in selling your home. Their local knowledge of home values and their expertise in pricing and negotiating are important assets in getting the most for your house. With over 1,300 real estate professionals in the Gulf South region, we are the undisputed leader.

Marketing and Networking
Getting the best price is about bringing you the right buyers for your house. This is a combination of a solid marketing plan, targeted media exposure, and taking advantage of our powerful network of local and out-of-town buyers. These are resources no other firm can match.


Home PreparationHome Preparation

You want to sell your home, and you want to get the most for it you can. There are some simple tips that will help you attract a bid and ease the bidding process. You first need to place yourself in the position of the person who will be viewing your home. Remember you probably won't be there for the showing. Things that are important or have sentimental value to you will not necessarily be of value to the viewer of your home and frankly your presence can hurt your home's attractiveness to the viewer. You wouldn't want to be in a home with the owners hovering over your shoulder talking about how they picked out the carpet, or fixed a light, or how their daughter just loves to climb the tree out back. Viewers of a home need to be conscious of the tangible benefits of that home. Because a great deal of emotion is tied to a home, it is impossible for the owner to be objective. If you plan on being there for the showing and have an agent, reconsider whether you should participate in the home staging process.

Assuming you aren't going to be there in the home at the time of showing, try to imagine viewing your home as a stranger. Is it neat and tidy? Does it have a pleasant smell? Is it open and inviting? Is it brightly lit? Are there obvious small repairs that could be done? Is the yard neat and tidy? Are the garage, basement and attic neat and tidy? Maybe you've noticed the words neat and tidy several times. A perception of uncleanness is an immediate turnoff to viewers of your home.

If you give your home a thorough cleaning, paint it with a fresh coat and do yard work, you will make a good impression. Choose neutral colors with paint. Shampoo any carpets and wax hardwood floors. You want your home to be perceived as ready to move in. Cut and edge your lawn and trim any hedges. It's also time to clear out your storage areas and unnecessary clutter. Home viewers are going to see every part of your home so there are no hiding places for clutter (closet, basement, attic). You may also want to consider moving your car out of the garage to give it a larger appearance.

Lighting is important. You should consider purchasing a few inexpensive halogen lights for darker areas of your house. Remember a home should look clean, bright and uncluttered. Although it may be a lot of work, these things will help tremendously in the sale of your home.


Does the house look clean and smell fresh and clean?
What needs to be done to make it more appealing?
Does the entryway or foyer need paint?
Is the floor covering in entryway in need of repair?
Does the carpeting need cleaning?
Are drapes cleaned and pressed?
Have the fireplace and hearth been cleaned?
Are there scuff marks or fingerprints on walls?
Does kitchen floor covering require repair?
Does bathroom floor covering require repair?
Do closet doors open and close easily?
Are kitchen appliances clean and shiny?
Are kitchen counters free of clutter?
Are windows clean?
Are blinds dusted?
Are plumbing fixtures polished?
Are fingerprints removed from halls and stairways?
Have stains been removed from sinks?
Have oven and range been thoroughly cleaned?
Is tile scrubbed and re-grouted if necessary?
Are closets neat, organized, clutter-free?
Has clutter been removed from halls and stairways?
Has the garage been cleared of junk and debris?
Do lights and switches require repair?
Are leaky faucets repaired?
Are the attic and basement free of clutter?
Are doorknobs tight and working?
Is the entire house free of unpleasant odors?


Does the house have curb appeal?
What needs to be done to give it more appeal?
Does exterior require a new coat of paint?
Do doors, windows, shutter and trim require paint?
Are gutters and downspouts unclogged?
Is lawn neatly trimmed and edged?
Are garden and flower beds weeded?
Are bushes, trees and shrubs trimmed?
Do lawn ornaments require repair?
Are light fixtures operating properly?
Are windows clean and unbroken (not cracked)?
Are screens clean and free of holes?
Is there trash or debris that requires pickup?
Are the roof, porch and deck in good condition?
Have grass and weeds been removed from walks?
Have oil stains been removed from driveway?
Do door and windows open and close easily?
Is the entry way clear of toys, tools and clutter?
Are doorbells in good operating condition?
Are trash barrels neat and orderly?
Are railings secure and painted?
Are pet areas clean and odor free?
How do swings and lawn gyms look?
Does garage door open easily?
Are yard tools put away neatly?

Choosing your selling agentChoosing Your Selling Agent at Jennic Property
Need help with choosing a selling agent? We're here to help.

Are you ready to sell your home? If you've decided to have a real estate agent assist you in this process, the information below provides valuable insight to help you with the important process of selecting an agent.

The first rule of choosing an agent is to use an agent that is an expert on the neighborhood in which you are selling. What makes our agents experts, is their knowledge of current and past trends on the sale and purchase of all different types of homes in a given community (e.g.  town homes, single family homes, condos, etc.), in addition to knowing all the local facts relevant to your home sale. That means they are aware of community information, schools, taxes, how to check about local crime and happenings.

They also have knowledge of the home market in the community. What is the typical sales price for a home like yours? The agent who is listing your home will be able to do a market analysis of your home and provide a detailed history of sales trends that lead him/her to recommend an ideal asking price for your home.

The keys to an expert agent being able to service you well is their communications skills. They will do a lot of listening and ask a few key questions. An effective agent needs to understand your needs for selling a home.

It is important to remember that good communication is a two-way street. You need to be open and honest with an agent to save both you and them time and effort. If you aren't looking to sell for an extended period of time (3 months or longer), be up front about that. Also be up front about your financial situation. You will be surprised at how innovative an agent can be in helping you find solutions to your problems.

The final criteria for an expert agent is their ability to use technology to help you with your home sale. An expert agent will be able to utilize electronic multiple listing services to gather information on housing trends for you. They can also give you a list of internet resources to help you investigate on your own. They will also be able to provide you with information on your options in a timely fashion. An expert agent is also familiar with how to utilize modern communications to market your home for sale.

A key piece to having an expert agent work for you is integrity. How honest is an agent in dealing with you? If an agent convinces you to list with them by saying they can get you more money on the sale of your home but they really can't, they are wasting your time.

So how do you determine if an agent is an expert, and how do you know if they are honest? You never know for sure but there are some signs to check for. Many people ask friends or family members for recommendations on an agent. 

Here are some points we recommend considering when choosing your agent:

Is the agent an expert in the geographical area which you are selling?

How long has him/her been in the real estate business and how long with their current company?

Find out how many homes they have listed in the area in which you are seeking to buy and find out how long it took for each of those homes to sell and close.

Ask for references of clients they have serviced in the last 6 months and then actually call those references (get at least three references). Ask those references how effective was the agent at servicing them. Would they use the agent again?

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