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We recently had a tenant abruptly vacate a rental property that we own and since it was an especially busy time for us, we had to find a realtor to take care of the marketing, advertising and background checks. 

We screened several companies in the local area that offered "property management" services. 
It didn't take long to identify some realtors who were doing property management to fill in where their buying and selling of homes activities had slowed (probably to the point where they couldn't make a living). 

Being able to transition and remain productive is a good thing but in this case, it doesn't mean you would want to purchase the services of just anybody who claimed to offer "property management" services.

Anyway, we were fortunate to find Sharon Dawson of Jennic Property Solutions. Mrs. Dawson was very flexible and easy to work with. This was very important to us since we didn't need a full suite of services for the next twelve months. She never tried to up-sell us services that we didn't need or want. We easily came to agreement on the terms for the services that we did need and she went to work. Two weeks into our contract, Mrs. Dawson had to respond to a personal emergency (out of town). That is when we really found out just how much of a professional we were dealing with. She tended to her personal issue and never missed a beat; everything was still coordinated just as if she never left. Bottom line, we were able to fill our vacancy in about 30 days. And we didn't get just any tenant; we got a quality professional whom we will take good care of throughout their stay. So my message to you is this, if you are in NC and in the Triad area and in need of property management services, you can call the big name companies and let them tell you what to do. Or you can call a real professional and work with Sharon Dawson, she is the best!


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